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"I would recommend the practice to anyone and frequently do"

"My name is Ann and I have a needle phobia which in turn makes me a very nervous patient. Even going just for a check up was a very stressful and frightening experience for me on the basis that the dentist may say I need a filling which means an INJECTION !! This was the case on one occasion and I didn’t go back to the dentist for 3 years.

For days before an appointment I would start to get headaches and feel very sick and on the day of an appointment my stress level was so high that I thought I would have a heart attack.

The dentist surgery did their best to make sure the dentist was ready on my arrival so that I didn’t have to go into the waiting room as my constant pacing up and down used to affect other patients.

If I did have to wait there was always a strong possibility that I would walk back out without even making it into the dentist’s room.

However, this used to be the case, everything changed when Milad Shadrooh joined the practice and I was lucky enough to be on his books.

A couple of years on and going to the dentist is like a visit to the shops, a pleasurable experience. Mr Shadrooh is sympathetic to my situation and always makes sure that I am happy before starting any treatment. He talks me through everything and explains what he is doing throughout any procedure and repeatedly asks me if I need a break. Due to his exceptional skills and the wonderful dentals nurses, going to the dentist is no longer a nightmare but a pleasure and I would recommend the practice to anyone and frequently do.

My thanks go to both Mr Shadrooh and his team."

"What a fantastic dental surgery!"

I as most am worried about going to the dentist, since i have found Chequers and have seen my regular dentist i no longer worry about going.

Last year i took the plunge and had my teeth straightened and whitened, it is amazing the amount of confidence i now have when i smile. The amount of times people have said your teeth are amazing and believe me from not liking the dentist to having this treatment done i would not have done it if i didn't have 100% faith in what the dentist provides.

Their nurse is so reassuring and the receptionist always has a smile and a chat to put you at ease.

I cannot recommend this practice enough they are all truly amazing who work there, thanks for giving me back my confidence in dentists and now i have a smile to be proud of.