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Snoring Cessation – from £360

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You may not think snoring is a problem for the dentist, but we are actually the best placed to diagnose and treat this very common problem. Apart from causing your partner to kick you out of the bedroom or sleeping on the couch themselves, snoring can have many implications on your everyday life without you even being aware of it.

Snoring will often cause a poor quality of sleep, which can lead to day-time sleepiness and lethargy. It can also have a strong link to Sleep Apnoea, which can be an even more serious issue. Treatment of snoring consists of a diagnostic screening process to assess the severity of the problem and then a custom-made device that is worn in the mouth at night. In 100% of cases, the snoring will disappear when the appliance is worn. Dr Shadrooh has many years experience in this field, providing many patients with this life-changing treatment. To find out more, please make an appointment.