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Snoring Cessation – from £360

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Not many people will know this but a lot of headaches and migraines are actually due to night-time clenching and grinding of the teeth. Often, this cause is not identified and patients are left taking pain killers for years, never really curing the underlying cause.

Anti-grinding splints, or Sleep Clench Inhibitors (SCi), are custom made devices that fit over your front teeth and are worn at night. They drastically reduce the forces that are generated in the facial muscles during clenching and grinding, hence reducing the tension that leads to headaches. Also, grinding causes toothwear , which destroys the enamel of the teeth and can leave the teeth very sensitive, as well as increasing the chance of fractures. The splints will also prevent these issues.

If you have had undiagnosed headaches or migraines for years, please book an appointment with Dr Shadrooh and see if SCi treatment can improve your quality of life.